Company South African Civil Aviation Authority
Reference # Flight Inspection Unit
Published 10/07/2019
Contract Type Permanent
Location Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
The Captain is in command of the aircraft whilst in operation and performs duties as a Captain/P1/PIC of the allocated aircraft ensuring the safe and efficient operations of the aircraft as the SOP. The Captain fulfills administrative duties as required by this position as delegated by the RPO/Chief Pilot.
Job Functions Operator
Industries Aviation
Flight Planning:
Reviews and signs off the flight plan and flight log capture as provided by the outsourced provider.
Recommends changes if relevant and refiles should it be necessary.
Ensures that the flight is adequately manned.
Briefs the Flight Deck and flight inspectors on all relevant aspects of the operation of the flight, and on all standard operating protocols to be observed.
Checks the weather patterns of all airports that might be used en-route to ensure safe navigation.
Checks Notams for all relevant airports, including departure, en-route and other potential destinations.
Checks the weight and balance of the flight ensuring that it is within the limitations of the aircraft to ensure that the flight can be operated safely and economically.
Calculates the optimum fuel requirement for the aircraft, taking into consideration weight and balance, the weather, routing, and passenger comfort.
Double checks all the safety protocols before departure and that the cockpit is adequately prepared.

Flight Safety:
Ensures the safe operations of the aircraft by following all regulations and procedures.
Ensures the safety operations and safety of all persons on board.
Submits monthly reports of Operations to the RPFO.
Makes operational decision regarding missions.

Maintains and update training database and personal file.
Produce and hand in flight operation report following every mission.
Assesses and reports on the skill of every pilot and ensures that all training is fulfilled to remain up to date and compliant.
Reports all accidents and incidents to the FIU management via the RPO and safety officer.

Operational Management:
The PIC of an aircraft shall, whether manipulating the controls or not, be responsible for:
• the operation, safety and security of the aircraft, crew members, passengers and cargo in accordance with these regulations while he or she is in command;
• operational control of the aircraft unless otherwise provided for in terms of Part 93, 121, 127 or 135 under an approved operational control system;
• the conduct of crew members and passengers carried; and
• the maintenance of discipline by all persons on board

Communications and Safety Promotion:
Promote the image of the SACAA and FIU to all stakeholders.
Provide industry feedback to the FIU and SACAA as applicable
Promote aviation safety by proposing improvements in operational requirements.

Quality Management:
Adheres to standards as stipulated in the ICAO,CAR, FIU MOP, FOM, ISO and relevant aircraft documents
Ensures stakeholder satisfaction

EE Plan:
Preference will be given to Employment Equity candidates in line with the SACAA Employment Equity Plan.
Minimum: Education (Formal Qualification required):
Valid ATP License

Ideal: Education (Formal Qualification required):
50 hours on type
Grade II instructor rating

Experience (Minimum Experience required - type and number of years):
Crew Pilot - 5 Year(s)
PIC on twin engine aircraft - 500 hours
PIC on turbine aircraft - 50 hours
total flying time - 2000 hours

Job Closing Date 17/07/2019
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